How long does the review process take for the papers?

After submitting your paper to the online system of EBOR Conference, it will be sent to two different reviewers for examination. It takes from 2 days to 5 days for abstracts and from 4 days to 10 days in fulltext papers.

Is it mandatory to make the presentation of accepted and registered papers in the conference?

Yes. The papers that are not presented in the conference will not be included to the conference book and the author who is planning to make the presentation will not receive a participation certificate. At the same time, the papers will not use our publication opportunities.

Will you give the participation certificates to the all authors in the paper?

No. The author who makes presentation or participates the conference will get the participation certificate.

How long will the presentation be?

The length of presentation will be at most 10 minutes. After the presentation, there will be question and answer session for 5 minutes. Participants are kindly requested not to exceed the duration.

How can the author(s) make virtual presentations?

The authors make virtual presentations on the virtual platform of previously scheduled ZOOM Program.

How is the publication process in journals that support the conference?

We provide various publication opportunities for EBOR Conference 2021. All publishing opportunities are listed in the conference based on the approval of editors/editorial boards of the journals. Some of these journals will publish a special issue of the conference, while other wish to send the selected papers to them.

How much does it cost to attend Seminars and Workshops?

A wide range of seminars and workshops are planned and participation of these sessions are free of charge.

How should the Author Guidelines be for the papers ?

Please check the submission page. You need to use the template that is indicated in the tab. If a paper does not fit the template, it will not be considered for further processes.

Will the best paper award be given at the conference?

For the awards, please check awards tab on the conference details section.

For which author(s) will the acceptance letter be given? How can I get it?

All authors will receive the acceptance letter. You can track your paper, referee process and your acceptance letter at www.borconference.com/login by logging in the system with the given username and the password. The acceptance letter will be automatically created in your system after your paper is accepted.

Can I attend the conference with abstract and then send full paper text?

Yes. You can submit your fulltext to the system until June 7, 2021.

On which virtual platform will keynote speech be shown?

Keynote speech will be in Zoom Platform.

On which platform will seminars and workshops be held?

Seminars and Workshops will be held in previously scheduled ZOOM Program.